Wrap-Up Blog Post

My favorite Project over the course of the semester was the logo design project.  I really liked this project because it really allowed the user to create really anything that they wanted to.  Also, I thought the tools for the tool bar were easier to learn while creating this project giving me more room to use my imagination.  Since I want to go into the Advertising/marketing field, learning all of the Adobe software put me one step ahead of my peers.  It gave me a solid base to expand my knowledge on all of the software products.  Although this class didn’t influence my decision in picking my major, it did make me realize that I really liked the subject.  Knowing that I enjoy the subject that I plan on majoring in boosts my confidence in thinking that I picked the right field of study. I had absolutely no background on adobe software before, so really anything that I learned exceeded my expectations of the course.  I didn’t really look outside of the courses instructions to find help with the class material.  I thought that the course instructor had very detailed and clear instructions of how to complete every assignment.


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