Wrap-Up Blog Post

My favorite Project over the course of the semester was the logo design project.  I really liked this project because it really allowed the user to create really anything that they wanted to.  Also, I thought the tools for the tool bar were easier to learn while creating this project giving me more room to use my imagination.  Since I want to go into the Advertising/marketing field, learning all of the Adobe software put me one step ahead of my peers.  It gave me a solid base to expand my knowledge on all of the software products.  Although this class didn’t influence my decision in picking my major, it did make me realize that I really liked the subject.  Knowing that I enjoy the subject that I plan on majoring in boosts my confidence in thinking that I picked the right field of study. I had absolutely no background on adobe software before, so really anything that I learned exceeded my expectations of the course.  I didn’t really look outside of the courses instructions to find help with the class material.  I thought that the course instructor had very detailed and clear instructions of how to complete every assignment.


Video Final



I was unbelievably lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Europe this past summer with my basketball team.  We visited, stayed, and played in three different cities; Bratislava, Prague and Vienna.  My favorite city would have to be Bratislava because of the old European feel to the area and all of the neat little shops and restaurants. I originally took lots of videos to show my friends and family when I returned home to the States.  However, they sure came in handy for this assignment!  In the video I tried to include footage of different architecture, cities, and landscapes as I pieced together my project.  I also tried to mix in a few pictures to help show some of the things that I experienced and was able to see. I had a lot of fun playing with the effects for the pictures and all of the different fade in and fade out options for my titles in the beginning.  I thought that by putting some special effects into the project would only make it more interesting.  Originally, I didn’t want to have any audio in my movie, but after reading the peer review on my rough draft, I decided to put some audio recording in to explain where I was and what the pictures showed.  I tried to keep the audio limited however, mainly to keep the focus on the pictures and video.  I had a lot of fun making this video, and was glad that I could put all of my videos and pictures from Europe to good use!  This was, by far, the hardest Adobe software that we had to learn.  I feel that this was because it incorporated little parts of each previous software and that this project was almost comprehensive due to the build up of knowledge.  Although I had a lot of fun in Europe, I am glad that I can call the United States my home…Theres nothing quite like America!


Story Board:

0-18.21sec-video of street view in Vienna

.25-5.25sec-”My Europe Trip” title

9.21-14.01sec-”Whitney Tinjum” title

13.06-18.07sec-Audio Introduction 

15.06-18.21sec- two travel pictures

18.21-25.18sec- video of 12th century church

18.26-20.24sec-Audio recording

25.18-27.21sec- picture of cathedral

25.20-27.02sec- Audio Recording

27.21-29.06sec- picture of Schübrun palace

29.06-33.23sec- video of Schübrun palace

33.23-43.00sec- video of street in Prague

33.24-36.24sec- Audio Recording

43.00-45.03sec- pictures of viennerschnitzel and potatoes

43.03-43.22sec- Audio Recording

45.03-47.09sec- pictures of desserts in case

47.09-49.12sec- pictures of German McDonalds

48.07-49.14sec-Audio Recording

49.12-1.04min- video of street performer and sound

1.04-1.09min- picture of fountain

1.04-1.11min- Audio Recording