Video Rough Draft

After viewing the example videos posted on the website, I was able to generate some ideas of what I wanted to make my video about.  I decided to create my video after the Europe trip that I took with my team this summer.  I already had video footage on my phone from multiple scenes in different cities like Vienna, Prague and Bratislava and multiple pictures of the countryside and of my endeavors on the trip.  In my movie, I decided to mix a good balance of pictures and video.  I thought that this method showed the details of my trip the best. I also tried to add animation in my movie by putting the titles in the beginning and have them come in at different parts of the video in the beginning.  I also tried to scale the pictures to fit the movie screen, but some of them were an odd shape so I struggled to get the pictures to fit the screen perfectly.  I had a lot of fun in Europe and made some great memories.  I hope that this video depicts how much fun I had and how many amazing memories that I made.



0-18.21sec-video of street view in Vienna

.25-5.25sec-”My Europe Trip” title

9.21-14.01sec-”Whitney Tinjum” title

15.06-18.21sec- two travel pictures

18.21-25.18sec- video of 12th century church

25.18-27.21sec- picture of cathedral

27.21-29.06sec- picture of Schübrun palace

29.06-33.23sec- video of Schübrun palace

33.23-43.00sec- video of street in Prague

43.00-45.03sec- pictures of viennerschnitzel and potatoes

45.03-47.09sec- pictures of desserts in case

47.09-49.12sec- pictures of German McDonalds

49.12-1.04min- video of street performer and sound

1.04-1.09min- picture of fountain


4 thoughts on “Video Rough Draft

  1. Whitney I really loved your video! I thought that all the variations of camera angles and different places and locations included in your video held my interest a lot. It was super intriguing to watch! I like how your video is also short, sweet, and simple. It definitely held my attention and told the story of your trip very well! I liked your balance of videos and pictures in your video, it did a great job of demonstrating everything you did on your trip. I loved your titles and how you incorporated them into your clips. I think that it was cool that you let the pictures speak for themselves, however providing a little narration, even if it is minimal might be a good idea! You could even add music for the background of the video just to add something to it. You could also if you wanted add transitions between your video clips to make the video flow better and smoother…? I would suggest that. Other than that I really like your video! It has great variation and amazing footage as well as pictures. Great job!

  2. I loved watching your video you did a great job really capturing where you went and all of your experiences. I loved the way you put your video together, not clumping all the videos in place and the pictures in another. I do suggest that you add some music to create a mood about how you felt about the trip. I might also add that you maybe add some commentary maybe say where you were and what your favorite part about that place was or something along those lines! I also loved that you did your video on something different other than coug life. I also thought you had great transitions, it wasn’t so chopped up, it flowed well. I think over all you did a great job with your video. It is so interesting because most of us haven’t traveled abroad so its fun for those who haven’t seen that part of the world!

  3. Whitney,
    I really liked the concept of your video. The subject was unique and showed Europe in a light that also displayed Europe through your eyes as well. As far as slight changes to make, I would suggest putting music in the clips leading up to the street performer just so that there isn’t silence and enhances the actual clips we are seeing. I would personally choose music without words just so it doesn’t come off as a distraction. I really liked how you did the opening title page and the color schemes you used. As another suggestion, I would say that you could use the same scheme throughout your video. You could write a subtitle for each of the places viewed in the video. You also could write different subtitles for each of the different countries that you visited, if you visited more than one place. Overall, I like the idea of your video and with some minor additions it will be really clear where you went. Keep up the good work!

  4. After reading the peer comments and watching my video again I think that I will try and add some audio to my clip. I will try and do personal voice recordings and explain what the scenes and pictures depict and where they were taken in Europe. I am also going to try and use more transitions in between the changing scenes. I might try and add some more length to my video as well, but only if I can find some more good scenes in my video library. I had a lot of fun making this video, and I hope that I can create a video that shows this.

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