Video Rough Draft

After viewing the example videos posted on the website, I was able to generate some ideas of what I wanted to make my video about.  I decided to create my video after the Europe trip that I took with my team this summer.  I already had video footage on my phone from multiple scenes in different cities like Vienna, Prague and Bratislava and multiple pictures of the countryside and of my endeavors on the trip.  In my movie, I decided to mix a good balance of pictures and video.  I thought that this method showed the details of my trip the best. I also tried to add animation in my movie by putting the titles in the beginning and have them come in at different parts of the video in the beginning.  I also tried to scale the pictures to fit the movie screen, but some of them were an odd shape so I struggled to get the pictures to fit the screen perfectly.  I had a lot of fun in Europe and made some great memories.  I hope that this video depicts how much fun I had and how many amazing memories that I made.



0-18.21sec-video of street view in Vienna

.25-5.25sec-”My Europe Trip” title

9.21-14.01sec-”Whitney Tinjum” title

15.06-18.21sec- two travel pictures

18.21-25.18sec- video of 12th century church

25.18-27.21sec- picture of cathedral

27.21-29.06sec- picture of Schübrun palace

29.06-33.23sec- video of Schübrun palace

33.23-43.00sec- video of street in Prague

43.00-45.03sec- pictures of viennerschnitzel and potatoes

45.03-47.09sec- pictures of desserts in case

47.09-49.12sec- pictures of German McDonalds

49.12-1.04min- video of street performer and sound

1.04-1.09min- picture of fountain