Final Mixdown

This final sound audio post was hard for me to create because I thought that I accomplished most of what I wanted it to be on the rough draft.  I obtained the idea for my audio story from the examples that were posted on the class website, and found them extremely beneficial in helping me create my audio story.  My dad came to visit me during the last weekend, so I thought that it would be a perfect time to interview him and get some audio for my story.  He gave great insight into my project and helped me portray my life through someone else’s eyes.  My main goal in creating this audio story was to share with readers my background, and ultimately to connect with people through my struggles and background in life.  I firmly believe that by sharing a personal story or narrative of your life, a person cannot help but feel a stronger connection to you as an individual.  In my final draft, I ended up only making a few changes.  One of these changes was to raise the volume of my dads speaking part.  I tried to make it match the same volume of my own recording.  Another thing that I fixed on this recording was that I too out a few more ‘umms’ and ‘likes’ and tried to put a few more spaces so the recording sounded more natural. I originally was going to put music into the background of the audio, but decided against it because I felt that it would take away from my audio footage.  For me, it is hard to focus on two things going on at the same time and I didn’t want anything getting in the way of my audience exactly understanding what I was saying.  Like I said above, I didn’t make too many changes, but just minor tweaks to get my audio footage where it needed to be.  


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