Audition Rough Draft


In this assignment, we were asked to create a sound byte that would represent the topic for our blog.  Since the topic of my blog is ‘All About Me’ I decided to create a piece of media that told about my life and how I came to be at Washington State University.  I hope is that when people listen to my recording, that they will better understand me as a person and can hopefully relate to some of my struggles and experiences that I have had in my life.  I got some of the ideas for my post from some of the examples posted on the class website.  I found that they were very helpful in not only generating ideas for the project, but also for giving a good explanation of what was expected for the project.  I tried to tell my life story and also incorporate some comments from interviewing my dad to back up my points.  In my final, I would like to add perhaps another person to my life account, just to make it more interesting!  I tried to cut out all of the ummm’s and pauses and also tried to keep it so it sounded natural.  I used the razor tool to cut out the unnecessary parts of my speech and used the move tool to move all the sounds right after one another.


5 thoughts on “Audition Rough Draft

  1. I thought your story was very cute and interesting. I’m impressed that you could get so much of your life explained in those three minutes. I enjoyed hearing your dad’s input and his sound bites were very insightful into your family life. I think that you did a good job editing the sound and don’t really have too much to critique. I think it would be a good idea to get another voice in there, maybe someone you know from WSU? I also think you could raise the volume on your dad’s voice a little bit. If you wanted to spice it up and make it sound even more professional, I would suggest adding some background music. I think you did very well and I find your accent adorable. Nice job.

  2. Really good job on your story! Here are a few ideas I think could make it even better.
    I think if you added an interview with another person it would enhance the flow of your story. There’s a lot of audio with you narrating and then a few clips from your dad. I think it would add variety to your story to interview one more person.
    There’s also a lot of information packed into the first minute of the story. I loved hearing about your early life and your family but it might be beneficial to narrow your topic a little more. It sounds like most of the story is about how basketball brought you to WSU. I would focus on that more. It’s really interesting!
    One thing I like about the story is your topic. It was really cool to hear about how you came to WSU because it is so unique. I’m glad you like it here. Great job overall!

  3. Great job on your draft. I really like the way the story comes together, and it flows very well. I also like the way you inserted the audio footage of your dad into your narrative, it did a good job of complementing your narrative. Your story is well edited, and the clips of the interview seem to be close in volume to your part of the story. My main suggestion would be adding more interviews, so it’s not quite so much your narrative, but you mentioned that. You might also want to add in some music, not anything too loud or distracting, just something minor to add to your story. Overall, nicely done and an interesting, relatable topic.

  4. After reading everyones comments I decided that I will add some sort of background music to my audio recording. I also will try to make my dads voice recording louder, just so it matches the same volume as my own voice. I know that some people mentioned having someone else besides my dad and I in the recordings, but I don’t really want to use their idea, just because of the sole purpose of time. I would be over my allotted time amount if I added anymore audio footage. Overall, I think I did a pretty decent job of taking out all of the ‘ummm’s and ‘likes’ and connecting the audio so it sounds natural. I plan on making a couple adjustments and hopefully my final project will be A-Okay 🙂

  5. I think that you have a great start on your audio story. I think that your topic was interesting and that you explained a lot within the time of the audio story. I think you did a good job of integrating the interview you did with your dad into the story. I also think that the volume of his voice could be raised a little bit, I feel that doing that would improve the flow of your story. I think that your edits were done well and the transitions in your story were good. The only other suggestion I would have would be to think about adding music to your story I think this would add a lot to your story and make it even better than it already is. Overall I think you have a great start and it will not be hard for you to edit this for the final and have it turn out great.

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