Final Logo

When I was just a small child, my mother and I had a hobby of making greeting cards.  On the backside of each hand made card, we put our initials.  The idea for my logo was sparked by this greeting card branding of my younger days.  Since my blog is all about me, I decided that my logo should incorporate my name.  At first glance, my logo has a visible ‘W’ and ‘T’.  However, I hid the letter ‘L’ in the logo by using the right vertical of my ‘W’ and the horizontal top of my ‘T’.  With WLT all strategically meshed together, it forms my initials.  Next, I decided to use the gradient technique for coloring within the letters.  I decided to use my favorite colors.  My favorite color is pink, so naturally, most of the color within my logo is pink.  I also used the colors blue and yellow which are also some of my favorites.  I decided to put the yellow coloring next to the pink because pink is very similar to purple and purple and yellow are complementary colors, so they look very nice together.  I thought that to clarify my design, I needed to provide the rest of the letters to my name.  So, on the right of all three initials, I finished spelling out my name.  I made several changes to my final logo from the draft.  One of these changes was that I was able to get rid of the cross hatches within my letters so the logo as a whole flowed better together.  I also created a shadow behind where I spelled out my last name.  I did this because the peer reviews that I read all mentioned something about making the words pop more.  I thought that by adding a shadow and by changing the font, the words look a lot more prominent and more fluid within the logo.  Another change I made to my final logo was to add a soft gradient hue behind the logo just to make it look like it was all one piece.  I decided to make the gradient with a pink hue and made the opacity only 30%.  I really believe that every aspect of my logo expresses some sort of meaning and can directly relate back to the main topic of my blog, which is all about me.



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