Draft Logo


The inspiration for my name logo came from when I was a little girl and my mother and I had a little greeting card hobby.  On the backs of all of the greeting cards we put this little symbol so people knew that it was a hand crafted card made either by my mother or myself.  The W, L and T all have specific meanings.  The W stands for Whitney, my first name, the L stands for my middle name Lea and the T, and you guessed it, stands for my last name Tinjum.  I really liked the bunny tutorial in one of our previous class assignments and how it dealt with changing the gradients n a shape.  I really wanted to incorporate that method into the design of my logo.  I use a variety of colors, mostly pink, yellow and sky blue because those are my three favorite colors.  Pink is by far my most favorite color so I decided to do most of the coloring in some sort of pink shade.  I didn’t’ really watch any tutorials online on how to construct my logo.  However I did browse through some pictures of certain examples, alas I didn’t use their logo ideas in the construction of my own logo.  One thing that I will need to find out how to fix is how to get the lines out of the individual letters.  Or perhaps I could incorporate the lines and input a sort of design inside of the letters.  On the final, I will definitely make some improvements. The purpose of my logo is to attract the eye and have people interested in what ever it represents.  I tried to create it while using a good balance of shape, texture and other eye appealing techniques to really intrigue my audience.



4 thoughts on “Draft Logo

  1. I LOVE your use of color in this logo. The gradient effect with the T using all the colors looks awesome. I liked how you used your initials, especially sneaking your middle initial between the w and t, that’s very clever. But it did take me a second to realize the L was there, so I was initially confused on why there were letters in the middle. For your redesign, make the L pop a bit more so that it’s still there, but maybe not as confusing upon first glance. Something else I would also change is the font spelling out your name. It’s a bit boring and doesn’t really pop and draw my attention, and for your logo you’re going to want it to stand out a bit more. I would also add a shape such as on oval or rectangle to the outside to make it look more official. But besides that, it looks good!

  2. This logo is interesting. This logo gives us your name and well informs the audience of the topic of your blog. It is also eye catching because of the use of color. I think some consistencies here would help the overall logo to look even better. Like the middle lines of the W, it does look a tad strange with the strokes overlapping each other like that. Maybe you could combine them somehow to make it look more together as a letter. Also I like the use of the yellow on the Tea but that is such a light color that others may strain just a little to read it. Maybe making it just a tad darker or adding stroke lines to the smaller written letters would help us to read the words more clearly. I do like the use of the colors, maybe matching the blue side with the blue writing would help the word flow together better. Overall though great job.

  3. Overall, I like my logo. I know that I have some tweaking of the finer details to complete that will make it all the better. One thing that I want to change is to make the “L” in my initial to be more noticeable. Maybe I can make it cursive or something, I will have to just play around with it and see what looks good. I also plan on making the yellow writing either darker yellow or change it into a light blue color. I also want to add more things or symbols of meaning to my logo, perhaps something having to do with family or basketball. I really just need to sit down and try out different ideas to see what looks best. Hopefully the final product turns out good!

  4. Your logo is very clever; it is simple, clean, and gets the point across without being convoluted and hard to understand. The vibrant colors you chose really stand out, which ad to the overall look of your logo. It’s evidently clear the logo and your blog is about you, there is no doubt about that. The gradient effect on the letters makes them standout, along with the vibrant colors. My only suggestion would be perhaps adding something in the background, which may or not be necessary. Perhaps that might make it a little too busy, which detracts from the simplicity of the logo. Perhaps adding drop shadow effect to the letters would make it a little more distinctive. I think it’s unfair that I have to critique someone else’s work, while I’m still figuring out Illustrator, myself. I wouldn’t change much if I were in your position; I think you did an excellent job.

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